The things we value define our lives. Choosing a celebrant whose values align with your own is the first step to creating a ceremony which fully reflects your relationship and celebrates the beginning of your marriage.

So, what are my values?

adventure. connection. celebration. joy. inclusion. revelry.

Adventure means living outside the box. It isn’t necessarily about hiking or riding bikes. It is about taking the leap to live exactly as you are, unbridled by societal expectations or norms.

Connection means making moments to be together, fully. It might require touch, it might require eye-contact and it might require stillness. It might require a shared belly-laugh or a solemn vow made as a group. It might look like selfies taken before the ceremony begins or it might look like sharing a story with your nan. Connection is the anchor of all ceremony.

Celebration means leaning into the fun and the emotion of a ceremony. It means smiling until our faces hurt and permitting our tears to fall. It means dancing like a turkey and pouring out a glass of bubbles.

Joy means unabashed happiness in the moment.

Inclusion means you are safe with me. It welcomes to ceremony queer couples, members of the LGBTIQA+ community, it welcomes all faiths, all (legal) ages and all cultures and ethnicities. Inclusion is welcoming to people who freely give themselves to each other, to marry and have a damned good time doing it!

Revelry means partying and rejoicing in respect and awe for the big thing you are doing together. It means big love for the life-changing business of getting married.

These are my values. What are yours?

Photo: Amy Lee Carlon Photography

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