Get comfy

How you position yourself during your ceremony makes a big difference to your comfort levels. PHOTO: Holly @ The Evoke Company Wedding ceremonies are invariably a time of great, big nervous feelings. Even if it’s just you, your love and the minimum-required witnesses, you’ll still be feeling a bit flippy in the tum. This isContinue reading “Get comfy”

Why I don’t share ceremony scripts before the big day

In the celebrant world, there are two camps: in one, they very generously and freely share their working copy of the ceremony script with their couples, while in the other they keep the script to themselves until the day arrives and they deliver it by way of fabulous oration and eyebrow animation*. *well, I amContinue reading “Why I don’t share ceremony scripts before the big day”

When the bride walks in to a Disney tune…

…you know you just won the Wedding Guest Lottery! Courtney and Ben, now The Kahlers, were an exceptional couple in their loveliness, their openness and their dedication to fun. Their July ceremony was not only a pleasure to perform but also a hoot to write, rehearse and deliver. And anyone lucky enough to have beenContinue reading “When the bride walks in to a Disney tune…”