Let’s walk through the minefield together

Q: Do we have to marry in a church? A: Nope! But you can if the church folk allow civil ceremonies. As a civil marriage celebrant, I am not affiliated with any religion so my ceremonies have no reference to god or religion. However, if you want to include religious elements that have meaning to you, I am more than happy to write that into the ceremony or work with a religious elder to present the ceremony.

Q: How much do celebrant services cost? A: Costs vary depending on the package type you choose. Your total fee will include your chosen package + travel and other (like chairlift passes etc).

Q: What does a celebrant even do? A: Civil marriage celebrants have legal authority to marry people; that is to declare their union legally binding. But celebrants can also be responsible for making wedding ceremonies fun, meaningful and deeply-connected. They can do the bare legal minimum but they can also produce and deliver unique and fun ceremonies.

Q: Who do I have to have at my wedding? A: The two of you have to be there (obvs) as well as your celebrant and two witnesses – this is a legal requirement. These witnesses need to be 18 years or older. You don’t have to know them or even like them. Heck, we can pull some passers-by off hiking trail and into your legals. You can have hundreds more guests if you want but you can’t have less than these five key players.

A newly-married couple signs their legal forms at an outdoor table with their celebrant pointing to the paper

Q: How early do I need to book my celebrant? A: You must be booked and have legal paperwork complete at least one month before your wedding but not more than 18 months before. Most couples are booking their celebrant somewhere between six and 12 months before their wedding.

Q: Do I have to be given away/wear a ring/wear a white dress/walk down an aisle? Heck no! You have very few *must-do* parts of your wedding. I will help you address the legal requirements and everything else really is icing on the cake. You can wear what you like, invite who you want and arrive however you see fit. Moreover, you should do that because it’s your day – do it your way! Check out this amazing directory for ideas on weddings with a difference.

Q: What is a wild wedding? A: A wild wedding is one which bucks tradition and does what it wants. It is usually in the bush/up a mountain/beside a creek/in the snow/on a bike/in a boat. A wild wedding involves a sense of adventure and a yearning for connection and meaning within the wedding ceremony.

Q: What is an elopement? A: Follow this link for the history and origins of elopements. Elopements today aren’t necessarily about running away to get married. They are more about stripping weddings back to their essential elements: love, connection, meaning and fun. They have very few guests and very little fluff.

wedding reception in a paddock with fairy lights and a moody sunset, outdoor wedding

Q: Where can we get married? You can get married pretty much anywhere in Australia. Seriously. Let your imagination run wild!

Q: Who can get married? Here is a link to the legalities of marrying. But for some basic boundaries, it’s two adult people (any sex or gender) who genuinely wish to spend their lives together.

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