When the bride walks in to a Disney tune…

Photo credit: Nathan Kelly from Cairns Wedding Photography

…you know you just won the Wedding Guest Lottery!

Courtney and Ben, now The Kahlers, were an exceptional couple in their loveliness, their openness and their dedication to fun. Their July ceremony was not only a pleasure to perform but also a hoot to write, rehearse and deliver. And anyone lucky enough to have been invited was left exhausted by the end, both from laughing their guts out and crying all the happy tears.

Courtney stated early on that she would turn around and begin the processional again if Ben was not crying when he saw her. However, I think everyone – the bride included – was all too caught up in the giggles when the penny dropped; Courtney was entering her wedding ceremony to I’ll Make a Man out of You from the Mulan soundtrack.

**If you don’t know this song, please go listen to it. It’ll change your mind about what constitutes a suitable processional song.

The laughs continued on throughout the ceremony and that’s what will stay with me most about these two legends; their willingness to lean into the beautiful art of laughing with, and at, your partner.

As with any wedding I write, there were times were the jokes were put away and the true, beautiful seriousness of what they were doing took centre-stage. I shared with the couple some of the loveliest Disney sentiments, and talked about the deep love this couple has for one another, learned from the fine example their parents set.

At the ceremony’s end, as the sun kinda peeked through the clouds over Lake Tinaroo, and I snuck off home, smiling from ear-to-ear.

You just can’t ask for better days than this.

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